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Sunday, September 30, 2012

D'banj's luxury cars - D’banj adds the Aston Martin Vantage to his fleet

What Next…G650? D’banj adds the Aston Martin Vantage to his fleet | Jim Iyke shows off his muscles & 2 New Cars!

Dear up-and-coming star,
Congrats on your breakout hit and endorsements.
We know that you have seen recent photos of D’banj with his 2011 Aston Martin Vantage which reportedly cost over $200,000 and photos of Nigerian actor Jim Iyke showing off his muscles and his exotic cars.
This may tempt you to run to the nearest GTBank and withdraw all the funds you received from performing on the XYZ company’s tour and the pre-payment for your performance at their annual Christmas concert then run to the Coscharis to order the brand new Range Rover Evoque to ensure that you are the first star to “cop” one.
After all, once you place the photo as your BB profile pic, someone will leak it to the blogs and we will all know you are a bad guyz.
Sounds like a plan?
It’s a risky move though because you don’t know if your new track is going to be a hit and you may spend the next few months squatting in your girlfriend’s flat and everything goes downhill from there.
On second thought, maybe you should just got for it so we have something interesting to add to BN Bytes :)
On a serious note though, D’banj and Jim Iyke can do this because they both have solid investments in real estate, business and thriving careers.
Let’s keep working hard and focus on our priorities! Our time will come.
Dban'j with his Aston Martin Vantage
Jim Iyke - Muscles + Cars
Jim Iyke with his new rides - Plymouth Prowler & Camaro SS

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