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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Is this the Best Big Brother House Ever?

The infamous abode is awash with red, white and blue as well as a stunning swimming pool - but is it the BB best house ever? 

Celebrity Big Brother contestants are in for a treat this year. The new-look house has finally been revealed and it looks AMAZING!

There is certainly a UK and USA-inspired decoration to the house, fitting as this year's theme is UK vs USA, thanks to all the red, white and blue around the place.
The pool is surely the best that's ever graced the infamous abode - it's HUGE and there's a Statue of Liberty (OK, not the real one) in the middle of it! What more do you want from a pool?

The pool is surely the best that's ever graced the infamous abode - it's HUGE and there's a Statue of Liberty (OK, not the real one) in the middle of it!

The garden looks like the Wimbledon groundsman's had a good go on it as the grass looks good enough for centre court let alone a load of celebs lazing around on it.
Although the glorious technicolour decoration in the bedrooms could well give you a headache.
Looking at the pictures it appears the house has been split in two with one bathroom featuring UK landmarks such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
And outside there's a historic castle on the wall.
Assuming producers didn't get these super looking covers from IKEA - other retail establishments are available - the iconic Big Brother logo appears on the duvet covers of the bedroom.
Will the UK and US housemates be sharing digs? Only time will tell.
But we hope not. It will be hard to create a bitter rivalry when they all end up spooning each other at the end of the day.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jay-Z & Beyonce $120 Million would be Bel Air Mega Mansion

Monday, May 15, 2017

21,000 Square Foot Mansion In Cape Town, South Africa

21,000 Square Foot Mansion In Cape Town, South Africa

LOCATION: SilverHurst, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS: 5 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms
PRICE: R 59,000,000 ZAR or $4,294,907
This European inspired mansion is located in SilverHurst, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. 
It features approximately 21,527 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2-story foyer with staircase, elevator, formal living & dining rooms, wet bar, gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, family room, home office/conference room, home theater, garage and more. 
Outdoor features include a gated entrance, fountain, courtyard, balconies, swimming pool and a guest cottage. 
It is listed at R 59,000,000 ZAR or $4,294,907

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jenniffer Lopez Hidden Hills house

Jennifer Lopez is selling her house in Hidden Hills, so now we can compare the photos of how it looked before she bought it to the ones in the listing today. She bought it in 2010 and worked with designer Michelle Workman to redecorate it. Let’s take a look at the changes she made!

Jennifer Lopez’s Hidden Hills House Before

According to Zillow, she and (now ex) husband Marc Anthony paid $8.2 million for the house 5 years ago. Now she’s selling it and asking $17 m.

In the Listing Today

An aerial view of the sprawling, 17,000-square-foot property today shows that all the red brick has been painted white:

The Entry Hall in the 2010 Listing

Staircase Featured in Veranda in 2011

Staircase in the Listing Today

Everything in the house was a lot darker and more traditional when she bought it.
Dining Room Before
When it appeared in the magazine, it looked a lot lighter, softer, and feminine.
The room appears to be a little more purple than pink to me in the listing photos.

Dining room in the Listing 

Formal Living room

The "Entertainment Wing" Before

It still has the all the stained wood, but the walls have been painted and the furniture looks a little more modern now.


Master Bedroom with Adjoining Sitting Room Before

Bedroom Today

I especially like the sitting room with all the windows and the fireplace:

Master Bath Before:

They reworked the space and gave a freestanding tub its own nook lined with bookshelves.

Master Bath After

The Family Room Before

The Family Room Now, Painted White:

The Old Kitchen:

The Kitchen Featured in Veranda:

Kitchen in the Current Listing:

The house sits on a 3-acre double lot.

Designer Michelle Workman told me, “It was a great collaboration, and I loved doing this job!”

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