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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

World's Most Expensive Kitchen Costs Rs. 2 Crore

Image via Born Rich
While some would say you can get an entire kitchen in a few lakhs, the Colosseo Oro, designed by Marazzi Design, a London-based kitchen designer costs as much as a small house in Mumbai.

At £300,000 (approx Rs. 2 crore), this kitchen has come to be known as the world's most expensive. Unveiled at a recent design trade show in London, the Colosseo Oreo is limited edition. If you're one of the lucky few to make the purchase, you will be one of the only 10 people in the world to own it.

Cook in Luxury 

Why the high price? This kitchen presents you with ultra luxury finishes. Detailing like 24k gold leafing, crocodile embossed leather, metallic gloss Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances and Venetian ink-stained gold glass are just the beginning. The cabinets and surfaces have been finished with 12 coats of clear laquer applied by hand and finished with glitter. And that is still not all, the lights are made of none other than Swarovski crystal.

The bill for all the appliances in this kitchen is an incredible £55,000 (approx Rs. 42 lakh). The mirrored steel max-fired oven hood costs £8,000 (approx Rs. 6 lakh) and the Zaha Hadid designer tap costs £6,000 (approx Rs. 4 lakh).

And this kitchen isn't for just anyone. The target group is said to be high end social food lovers who like to entertain while making a statement

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