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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

India's Smallest & Coolest Luxury Hotel

Looking for absolute privacy on your next holiday? Try checking into the Anopura, the smallest luxury hotel in India. Located in the Aravali mountains close to Jaipur, this high-end hotel is designed by Philippe de Villegas, the ex-honorary Belgium consul in Marakech and has just three rooms. 

This exclusive property, touted to be a global destination, has just two suites located in a luxed-up version of a Rajasthani-style thatched hut. Another sleeping option is in a luxury tent set up in the garden that gives you access to lush green farmland.
The suites, Kedjeri and Champa are available for $370 per night (Approx Rs. 17,427), whereas the tent, Jasmine is available for $340 (approx Rs. 16,014) per night. You can also rent out the whole of Anopura for a $1050 per night (apporxRs. 45,455). The designs of the rooms are inspired by a traditional Rajasthani country home.
anopura hotel

The rooms are decorated with local art. Other than super-comfy beds and cooling from the Indian summer, the place also stocks up on books so that the guests feel at home. Anopura, set in an agricultural environ complete with a deep-plunge pool, lures the traveller to rural India.

What to Do
You can explore the vast property on foot, on camel-back, on a jeep or a mountain bike. Other leisure activities you indulge in during your stay there are bird watching, elephant riding, kite-flying or playing petanque, a French sport similar to bocce or boules.

Images via Anopura

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