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Thursday, December 27, 2012

10 Amazing Celebrity Houses

When Celebrities buy real estate, it’s not your usual affair. Everyone from the media to publicists are involved. And they’re not looking for 3 bedroom ranches either.

In the world of celebrity real estate it’s all about the perks, beds, baths, pools, screening rooms and basketball courts are what it’s all about. Check out some celebrity homes:

1. Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Largo

Mar-A-Largo is Donald Trumps quiet little vacation getaway, though knowing The Donald it’s probably all gaudy inside. The home boasts 58 bedrooms and 33 bathrooms with over 62,000 square feet of living space. Oh and it also has 3 bomb shelter so his combover can live long after we’re all gone.

Wait a minute. 58 bedrooms? Who the hell would want all those house guests.
2. Bill Gates’ Home on Lake Washington

How would you like to pay over $1 million in property taxes? For us that seems like a lot, for Bill Gates it’s pocket change. The Gates family has a helluva log cabin there, don’t they?
3. Avril Lavigne’s House

This is a big house for two people, isn’t it? This home in Bel-Air boasts 10 bathrooms, 8 beds and a 10 car garage. She’s so punk that one.
4. Eddie Murphy’s House

Can anyone say “over the top?” Eddie Muprhy’s house looks like a beach side hotel resort. I didn’t find too many details for this house but suffice it to say it’s pretty darn big for one person. Guess he’s planning for when his 200 kids come to visit.
5. John Travolta’s House

What? Your house doesn’t come with a runway and places to park your jumbo jets? His pool looks tiny in comparison, doesn’t it?
6. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s House

See now this is a house for a married couple with kids. Everyone has their own space. No fighting over bathrooms or what to watch on TV because everyone has their own. There’s a lot going on there, isn’t there?
7. Ryan Seacrest’s House

Well this is quaint, isn’t it? Not as ginormous as the others, but then Ryan is only one person. This 10,000 square foot crib once belonged to Kevin Costner. The house boasts five bedrooms, a media room, billiards room, tennis court, gym, pool, spa and staff quarters.
8. Oprah Winfrey’s House

You know, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Oprah Winfrey. She likes us to think she’s just plain folk like the rest of her, given her humble beginnings and all. But make no mistake, girlfriend likes to live large. The fountain in the back is a lovely touch, isn’t it? Looking at the grounds I’m thinking it’s not a particularly environmentally friendly home.
9. Larry King’s House

Who knew Larry King lived so close to the curb? It’s probably just as well because when his current wife kicks him out, he won’t have too far to walk. This is a modest little home in comparison to his talk show counterpart above.
10. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s House

Good thing J.Lo and March Anthony have all this space what with their twins and all. Marc Anthony probably requested a house of this magnitude so he can hide from his wife’s diva demands.

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