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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Zooey Deschanel Selling 1930s Ranch in the Hollywood Hills

Zooey Deschanel Selling 1930s Ranch in the Hollywood Hills

Sitcom star Zooey Deschanel is selling her 1930s ranch in the Hollywood Hills for $2.195 million, so let’s take a look at it and the new place she’s moving to…

Here’s the front of the house, which doesn’t make much of an impression behind all those trees…

Inside it has vaulted, beamed ceilings in the living room:

Zooey bought the house from actor Mark Ruffalo in 2009 and reportedly paid $1.65 million at the time.

A bathroom with a marble tub:

There’s a sunroom off this den, if you look to the right:

The house was built in 1933 and has 2,957 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms.

Is that the famous Jackie O. photograph by Ron Galella hanging over the fireplace? Looks like it!

The dining room has the original built-ins and arched doorways…

The kitchen has blue cabinets, blue and white tile, and brass accents that are very on trend:

For more photos and information, you can read the article about her house in Variety and check the Westside Estate Agency listing.

The “New Girl” star is expecting a baby with producer Jacob Pechenik. Even though her show is kind of all over the place (I could swear they’re making it up as they go sometimes), I get a kick out of it, so I was happy to hear it’s been renewed for a 5th season.

Here’s the house Zooey just bought and is moving to, which is a lot newer (she’ll be the first owner), is much bigger (with 6 bedrooms and over 5,100 square feet), and cost twice as much (she reportedly paid around $4.5 million):

Her new white kitchen is nice, of course, but I thought the blue one was more interesting:

The Real Estalker described it as a “quasi-Cape Cod/Colonial-style home in the low-key but high-cost community of Manhattan Beach.”

When it was reported that she bought this new house, some sites mentioned that it doesn’t fit her “adorkable” image. She responded that she doesn’t think she’s adorkable — that’s just the character she (convincingly) plays on TV.

You can see the rest of the new place on Curbed.

Okay, I’ve been told I need to post a larger photo at the end of posts that you guys can pin to Pinterest. Here ya go!

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