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Friday, July 3, 2015

World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites

World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite

Hotel President Wilson

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Room: Royal Penthouse Suite

Price: $62,168

At the southern tip of Lake Geneva, sits the Hotel President Wilson which contains one of the most luxurious and expensive hotel suites in the world. The Royal Penthouse Suite can be rented for $62,168 per night. Plan on splitting the cost with a friend, or a dozen friends, to fill the massive suite’s twelve bedrooms and twelve bathrooms. The room boasts panoramic views of Lake Geneva from a private terrace, a grand piano, pool table, private gym, elevator, and surround sound technology. It also has maximum security; so secure that even Frankenstein wouldn’t be able to smash his way in.

Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel NYC
 Four Seasons Hotel
Location: New York City, NY
Room: Ty Warner Penthouse
Price:  $45,000
New York City is nicknamed the city that never sleeps, and this suite‘s deluxe king bed won’t be enough to lure you to slumber.  There is too much to look at and do in the sprawling 4,300 square feet room that sits on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel.  360-degree views of the city, a piano, and cozy fireplace make this suite breathtaking.  And complimentary amenities never hurt—Rolls Royce driving chauffeur, art concierge, personal trainer, 24-hour butler, and all-inclusive spa access is included in the price
Laucala Resort, Hilltop Villa
Laucala Island Resort
Location:  Laucala Island, Fiji
Room:  Hilltop Villa
Price:  $42,000
Dietrich Mateschitz, the Austrian co-founder of Red Bull energy drinks, owns Laucala Island Resort.  The Hilltop Villa is his own personal playground, and can be rented for $42,000 a night when Mateschitz is not staying there.  Not any ole chap with $42k to burn can stay at the Hilltop Villa, one must fill out an application and be approved to enjoy this kind of luxury.  The Villa is 118,403 sq. ft with three bedrooms, views of surrounding Fiji islands, a cook, chauffer, and nanny.  Plenty of activities fill the resort, including 18-hole golf course, deep sea fishing, 14 boats, 5 gourmet restaurants, jet skis, horse back riding on the beach, tennis, massages, and a recently acquired submarine.  Slurp down that Red Bull, you’ll need the energy.
Royal Suite, Hotel Plaza Athenee
Hotel Plaza Athenee
Location:  Paris, France
Room: Royal Suite
Price:  $26,000
The Royal Suite in the Hotel Plaza Athenee is very Parisian chic!  The suite is on the 5th floor of the stylish building and has four bedrooms.  Head down to the bar to enjoy a Sidecar cocktail made by famous mixologist Thierry Hernandez.   Next grab a bite at the Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse’s restaurants before retiring to your room and watching the stars twinkle above the Eiffel Tower.  Tres romantique!

Villa Rockstar, Eden Rock Hotel, St Barths
Eden Rock Hotel
Location: St Jean Bay, St Barths
Room: Villa Rockstar
Price: $15,000
This villa is definitely fit for a rockstar!  The 16,000 sq. ft beach house is surrounded by the gorgeous blue Caribbean.  Any rocker would love the music-recording studio and giant screen room.  When they are finished laying down some tracks, they can relax by having a drink from the well-stocked whiskey bar and swimming in the pool while gazing out at their private beach.  Let’s hope they don’t get too wild and trash this spendy hotel villa.
The Apartment, Connaught Hotel, London
Connaught Hotel
Location: London, United Kingdom
Room: The Apartment
Price:  $13,300
When one hears the name ‘The Apartment’ it brings back memories of a cramped space littered with textbooks and a never-ending pile of dishes that was shared with friends during college.  The Connaught Hotel’s suite named, The Apartment is the exact opposite of this.  The suite is luxurious and open with high ceilings and a wrap-around balcony that provides stunning views of Mayfair.  Also at one’s disposal, during the stay, is a personal chauffeur, chef, butler, spa, personal trainer, personal barman, and a shoe shiner

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