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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home

It is very common to every popular celebrity to have luxury Hollywood homes. Lady Gaga is currently the most dominating and powerful pop singers in the music industry. So it is not surprising that Lady Gaga recently moved to a $5.1 Million Hollywood home. According to the source, Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home is a six bedroom house with all the modern facilities including suspend pools.

Although all the Hollywood houses are extremely beautiful, expensive and has a theme from different culture, Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home are not different. Pop queen Lady Gaga’sHollywood home is a mixture of everything luxury items and technology and also the culture from contemporary to Mediterranean.

Lady Gaga House

Lady Gaga is USA’s most popular pop singer and favourite pop singer in the teen age group. She is just 24 as on 2010 and she has over 1 million + facebook fans.

Lady Gaga’s Net Worth is around $ 10-60 Million according to various sources. However, it is not confirmed by major media streams like Forbes.

Many of its fans want to know something about Lady Gaga’s house. Well, see the above photograph. It’s the house of Lady Gaga.

The above is the photograph of Lady Gaga’s childhood home – The Pythian condos in New York City. In 1993, when she was just 7 years old, her parents Joe and Cindy purchased an apartment at the Pythian Condominiums. The pythian is Egyptian style and converted into apartments in 1980.

Right now, Lady Gaga is living in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California in the rented house and her monthly rent is US $ 25,000 per month and its the 6 bedroom mansion.

Here are the photographs of her Mansion.

Lady Gaga House: Exterior

Lady Gaga’s House: Kitchen

Lady Gaga’s House: Bathroom

Lady Gaga’s Bedroom

Lady Gaga’s Drawing Room

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