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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Africa’s Billionaires of 2011 – Nigerian Emerges as Africa’s Richest Man

Africa’s Billionaires on the Forbes list made records this year with a few surprises. 6 new Billionaires added to last year’s list of 11 bringing them to 17 Billionaires. Topping the list is Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote who displaced Ethiopian Self Made Billionaire, Mohammed Al Amoudi as Africa’s Richest man.
Although no other countries from Africa added to the list this year, Egypt managed to double its Billionaires from 4 to 8. Nigeria and South Africa also gained 1 new billionaire addition to the list. Overall African Billionaires on this year’s list are worth a combined 71 Billion, with last year’s billionaires alone increasing their wealth by a combined 18 Billion. The biggest increase was experience by our new Richest man, Dangote who made 10.7 Billion, putting him at the top of the list making him number 51 on the World’s Richest list.
NameAfrica RankForbes RankNet WorthAgeSourceCountry of Citizenship/HomeTown
Aliko DangoteAliko Dangote151$13.8 B53sugar, flour, cementNigeria
Mohammed Al AmoudiMohammed Al Amoudi263$12.3 B66oilSaudi Arabia/Ethiopia
Nicky Oppenheimer & familyNicky Oppenheimer & family3136$7 B65De BeersSouth Africa
Nassef SawirisNassef Sawiris4182$5.6 B50constructionEgypt
Patrick Soon-ShiongPatrick Soon-Shiong5196$5.2 B59generic drugsUnited States/South Africa
Johann Rupert & familyJohann Rupert & family6219$4.8 B60luxury goodsSouth Africa
Naguib SawirisNaguib Sawiris7310$3.5 B56telecomEgypt
Patrice MotsepePatrice Motsepe8336$3.3 B49MiningSouth Africa
Onsi SawirisOnsi Sawiris9393$2.9 B81constructionEgypt
Mohamed MansourMohamed Mansour10595$2 B63DiversifiedEgypt
Mike AdenugaMike Adenuga10595$2 B57telcom, banking, oilNigeria
Yasseen MansourYasseen Mansour11692$1.8 B49DiversifiedEgypt
Yasseen MansourYoussef Mansour11692$1.8 B65DiversifiedEgypt
Mohammed IbrahimMo Ibrahim11692$1.8 B64communicationsUnited Kingdom/Sudan
Christoffel WieseChristoffel Wiese12782$1.6 B69consumer retailSouth Africa
Samih SawirisSamih Sawiris13879$1.4 B54hotelsEgypt
Mohamed Al Fayed & familyMohamed Al Fayed & family14993$1.2 B78RetailEgypt

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