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Thursday, August 25, 2011

African millionaire Jabulani Ngcobo celebrated his 26th birthday - Champagne, sushi and celebrities at millionaire’s R1m bash

Durban millionaire Jabulani Ngcobo celebrated his 26th birthday at the weekend with a party that cost a cool R1m and was attended by some of the country’s most popular celebrites, including Generations stars Winnie “Khethiwe” Modise and Sophie “Queen” Ndaba.
The party was the latest in the rags-to-riches story of Ngcobo, who celebrated his birthday in style at a five-star hotel.
The party continued at his posh New Germany home well into the early hours of Sunday morning.
Guests enjoyed expensive delicacies like caviar, oysters and, the current favourite with South Africa’s wealthy, sushi.
Entertainers included DJ Bongz, Sox, Mzokoloko and King Sifiso and performer L’vovo Derrango.
Other guests included the who’s who of showbiz – bling queen Khanyi Mbau and former Generations star Dumisani Mbebe were on the guest list.
Sizwe Dhlomo, who is presenter of the Live television show, and Isidingo stars Sisa Hewana and Leslie Fong were also present.
The son of a poor family from Greytown, and a former fast food outlet and shop assistant, Ngcobo showed just how far he has come.
Ngcobo made his millions through his stock market trading company, Cash Flow Properties, which teaches people how to trade on the stock market.
Generations stars Winnie Modise and Dumisani Mbebe are ambassadors for the company, which was established in 2009.
“I spent R1m on my party because I want everything I do to be top class,” he said.
He matriculated in 2003 at Langa High school in Clermont and has no formal training in stock trading.
Ngcobo loves cars and drives a BMW M3. He also owns a Hummer, two Mercedes-Benzes, and a BMW M6, which he said belonged to his company.
His company’s website claims that people can make a 10-30% return on their investments “daily and compounding”.
Ngcobo said he would not identify the college where he got his tuition because he “would be promoting it” by naming it.
Ex-Generations star Dumisani Mbebe confirmed he was an ambassador of Cash Flow Properties.
He said his role was to be “the face of the company”. He declined to say how much he was paid as ambassador. Cash Flow Properties’ second ambassador, Winnie Modise, could not be reached for comment.

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